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yes mistress.

You and I are one of a kind, so let's play like it.  I am a skilled dominant with years of experience.  Lucky you, I love seeing kinky dreams come true.  Tell me yours and I’ll weave them with mine to create an experience like no other.

Let's have some fun.



kink & fetish


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BDSM Consultant

Professional Dominant

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crave the rush of

surrender ?

my kinks:

Power Dynamics   |   Objectification, Training, Servitude, Worship, Teasing, Role Play, Discipline, Coaching & Care
Bondage   |    Restriction, Predicaments, Suspension, Decoration & Mummification;  Cuffs, Rope, Chain, Tape, Wrap, Straps, Corsets & Body Bags
Sensory Play   |   Deprivation & Stimulation of Eyes, Ears & Body;  Delicious with Bondage
Orgasm Control   |   Challenges, Assignments & Chastity
Invasive Play   |   Toys, Implements & Role Play
Mind Fucks |   Interrogation, Kidnapping, Humiliation & Blackmail
Intense Sensations |   Canes, Floggers, Whips, Needles, Blades, Clamps, Electrical Play, Branding, Human-Punching-Bag, Paddles, Endurance Holds, Ice, Herbs & Capsaicin


Risk-aware,  consenting  kinksters

my limits:

  1. No live animals.
  2. No overt public play in a vanilla space.

  3. No fucking me.  Figuratively and literally.

  4. No play involving someone who can't, won't or doesn't consent.